Fresh Food Markets in Germany
5th edition of our GFI Guide
The time has come! The new edition of our “GFI Guide Fresh Food Markets in Germany is available. These brand-new, updated and modernised publication can now be downloaded from the Press section

German Fresh Food Markets at the Fruit Logistica 2012
Network and market place for SMEs
For us in the GFI association, our primary interest is, as always, networking. And here the indicators point to growth. More…

18th General Meeting in Hamburg
New Business Divisions Support Fresh Food Market Platform
By opening to retail trade markets and extending their range of tasks the GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte e.V. (GFI German Fresh Food Markets) prepared for further strategic development. Report in DFHV Annual report 2011. Read ...

Fresh food trade event “GFI Fructinale”
Over 400 guests from near and far respond to the call of the fresh food markets
A fast-moving programme and a refreshing speech by Michael Boddenberg, Hesse’s minister for federal affairs, combined to produce an entertaining evening. More…

Germany’s Fresh Food Markets receive prominent visitor at their Fruit Logistica stand, Berlin 2011
Federal minister Ilse Aigner enjoys shopping at street markets
Talking to GFI board members she said that she always greatly enjoys shopping at street markets, especially at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt. More…

16th GFI members’ meeting in Berlin
Opening membership to the retail trade and widening the remit: GFI German Fresh Food Markets has charted its future course
The overriding topic at the meeting was the association’s strategic positioning.Uwe Kluge, Peter Joppa and Andreas Foidl re-elected to the Board. More…

GFI’s joint platform at the Fruit Logistica 2010
Germany’s wholesale markets evoke a real market-place atmosphere at their new fair stand
It was the seventh time that Germany’s 16 major wholesale markets had shared a joint GFI stand measuring 400 m². This year’s new third-generation concept for the fair stand provided a completely new look. More…

Ingo Oschmann at Marheineke Markthalle, Kreuzberg
Comedy for fruit and vegetablesFructinale 2010: 400 guests from the international fruit trade - star comedian Ingo Oschmann’s performance earned an enthusiastic reception from the 400 representatives of the fruit and vegetable industry. More…

GFI joint stand at Fruit Logistica 2010
German wholesale markets’ platform fields its new, 3rd generation fair concept
For Germany’s wholesale markets the first highlight of the year 2010 is the Fruit Logistica, being held from 3 to 5 February 2010 in Berlin. For the 7th time already Germany’s 16 major centres of fresh produce will be sharing a 400 m² stand at the fair – this time located in hall 21, stand F-09 – and demonstrating to the trade public what they do. More…

Comedy event with healthy networking for 400 guests
GFI Fructinale in Marheineke-Markthalle sold out
Attendance by more than 400 guests from the business, political and media communities is strong affirmation that wholesale markets are an important economic factor. We are especially looking forward to the increased number of guests from the Federal Republic of Germany and from various special interest groups. More…

Comedy event with healthy networking for 400 guests
A Who’s Who of the fresh produce trade to gather at the 2nd GFI Fructinale
Encouraged by the success of this year’s premiere, the GFI Association of Wholesale Markets will once again be offering its highly unusual platform for healthy networking; the evening set is Thursday, 4 February 2010. The “Fructinale” event has been timed to coincide with Fruit Logistica, the major international trade fair.

15th GFI members’ meeting in Stuttgart
A vigorous association launches into its 10th year
Marketing measures for 2010 - Peter Joppa and Andreas Foidl re-elected to the Board - 2010: GFI tenth anni-versary. More…

WUWM Conference
Paris Declaration
On the occasion of the WUWM Conference in Paris under the theme: "What Future for Wholesale Markets?" delegates from 28 countries gathered together to express unanimous agreement of…

WUWM Retail Conference in London
WUWM Moves European Retail Markets Ahead
The conference, hosted by the National Association of British Market Authorities, brought market managers and market trader associations from 8 countries together in a bid to identify common challenges and share strategies for success.

WUWM Conference
Food Markets from 30 Countries Meet in Prague
Hosted by the Lipence Wholesale Market situated in the city of Prague, the conference featured speakers from 10 countries.

“Enjoy me” Wholesale markets present apples from South Tyrol to quality-conscious customers
GFI will be organizing a total of 11 promotions for EOS in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Berlin between 16 April and 6 May. More…
Germany’s wholesale markets at Fruit Logistica 2009
Increasing demand for the GFI marketing platform
This was the sixth time already that Germany’s 17 major wholesale markets were sharing a joint GFI stand measuring 400 m².

Fructinale 2009
400 international guests from the fruit trade enjoy stunning premiere
Gabi Decker at Marheineke Markthalle, Kreuzberg – The comedy value of fruit and vegetables.

GFI’s joint stand at Fruit Logistica 2009
Germany’s wholesale markets: powerfully communicating freshness, variety and quality
Visit us at the shared 400 m² GFI stand - located in hall 21, stand D-18.

Comedy show and healthy networking
Fructinale 2009: 400 guests at summit meeting of wholesale markets
GFI will be staging an event on Thursday evening, 5th February 2009, that offers a really unusual opportunity for healthy networking.

2nd edition of the GFI brochures
Fresh information about Germany’s wholesale markets
The time has come! The 2nd editions of our “GFI Wholesale Markets Guide” (German/English parallel texts) and our GFI flyer “Portal to the Market” (German/English) are available. These brand-new, updated publications can now be downloaded from the Press section of our website.

14th GFI general meeting in Stuttgart
Successful year for Germany’s wholesale markets
GFI members have initiated numerous new projects. Uwe Kluge re-elected to the Board.

Every business is a growth
business – as long as you know
where to look!

26th WUWM Congress in Copenhagen
The 26th WUWM Congress was recently held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The goal of the congress was to focus on the current and future strengths/opportunities of wholesale and retail markets.

GFI generates promotion boom
Apples from south Tyrol and Zespri kiwis are a big hit with shoppers at street markets
Between May and July GFI held some 50 successful promotions at street markets, in greengrocer shops and retail market halls together with its marketing partners EOS and Zespri.

Retail Conference in Hamburg
WUWM Promotes the Retail Role
The recent WUWM Retail Conference held from 12-14 June in Hamburg, Germany resulted in a WUWM Declaration which highlighted the important role of retail markets in EU economies and communities.

WUWM Board Elections
New Chairman Urges Greater Understanding of Sector
The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) held Board elections during its recent conference in Mexico City which saw Graham Wallace, Head of Glasgow Markets in the UK become Chairman.

Battle against price dumping
GFI: Ban on selling below cost price starts to bite
It is now 4 months since the amendment to the law to counter unfair pricing in the power and food retailing sectors entered into force. More…

WUWM Retail Conference in Hamburg
European Conference Supports Retail Market Growth
The Retail Section of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) will hold a European Retail Conference in Hamburg, Germany from 12-13 June 2008.

Market visions with results
WUWM Conference in Mexico City
The Wholesale Market of the City of Mexico (CEDA), one of the largest in the world, will host the first WUWM Conference from 23 to 25 April 2008. More…

GFI Joint stand at Fruit Logistica 2008
Association of German Wholesale Markets still fresh in 5th year at fair
For Germany’s wholesale markets the first highlight of the year 2008 is the Fruit Logistica from 7 to 9 February 2008 in Berlin. Visit us at the shared 400 m² GFI stand - located this year in hall 21, stand A-09.

Pink Lady promotions at street markets
GFI and Sopexa start marketing partnership
From 5 to 14 February some 50 Pink Lady promotions will be held simultaneously at street markets in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Munich.

Wolf Rohde
Retirement Tribute
The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) pays tribute to Hamburg Wholesale Market Managing Director Wolf Rohde who retires this month having successfully developed the market into one of the leading wholesale markets of the world.

12th General Meeting in Munich
GFI: New marketing projects for 2008
GFI members have initiated numerous new marketing measures - Peter Joppa and Andreas Foidl re-elected to the Board.

WUWM Column in Fresh Produce Journal
Markets take lead on access to top produce
Wholesale markets are taking a leading role in drawing consumer attention towards the need to purchase ‘quality’ fresh produce.

25th WUWM Congress in Beijing
WUWM Declaration

On the occasion of the WUWM 25th Congress held in Beijing, delegates from 34 countries gather here today to express unanimous agreement in…

25th WUWM Congress in Beijing
The Emerging Strategic Role of Modern Food Markets in the Global Food Supply Chain
The 25th Congress is to be celebrated in Beijing, China from 3-6 September 2007. It is held with the full support of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.
Safety checks for fruit and vegetables
Hamburg Wholesale Market: New high-throughput laboratory to test for pesticide residues
A new safety concept for fruit and vegetables, the only one of its kind in Europe, is now in place. Rapid, comprehensive tests for traces of pesticides deliver top levels of food safety.

WUWM Conference in Turin
German Talks
HACCP Certification of wholesale markets. The evolution of logistics in modern wholesale markets.
WUWM Conference in Turin
Food Centres – the global link between producer and consumer
The first WUWM member conference in 2007 will be held in Turin, Italy from 18-20 April.

Report in Eurofruit Magazine
German markets come down hard on ‘price-dumping’ strategies
Germany’s wholesale market sector has been vociferous in its criticism of the country’s retailers, who they claim are eroding quality and destroying the German consumer’s appreciation of value-added products.

Panel discussion on the topic of “Price dumping”
in Berlin’s “Red Town Hall”

A call for creative competition for quality in fresh foods
The cut-price strategies of the big marketing chains are threatening the existence of small and medium-sized businesses such as specialist food stores and street market traders. The German government is therefore tightening the ban on the sale of food below the cost price of the merchandise.

GFI relaunches website
Multimedia platform of Germany’s wholesale market now even better
More news - more background info – more wholesale markets
GFI has started the new year with a brand new Internet look, launched at the beginning of January. Visitors to will find even more background info documenting the importance and efficiency of Germany’s wholesale markets together with more information about the GFI marketing platform. For your convenience there is a full English version of the website, which will be regularly updated whenever changes are made in the German edition.

Panel discussion on the topic of “Price dumping”
in Berlin’s “Red Town Hall”

German wholesale markets: consumer protection means paying fair prices for food
The Federal Government is planning to tighten up the ban on selling food below cost price. With this in mind the wholesale markets’ association, GFI, is holding a panel discussion entitled “Price dumping – its effects on growers, sellers and consumers”.

German wholesale markets at the Fruit Logistica 2007
For their fourth joint stand GFI members have developed a new fair concept
For the fourth time in a row, Germany’s 18 major centres for fresh produce will be showcasing their markets at the large (400m²) GFI stand in hall 4.2, stand no. E-13.

New information material
Wholesale market guide and GFI flyer
Facts and figures about GFI and Germany 's wholesale markets are now available for downloading in PDF format.

11th Members’ meeting in Frankfurt
GFI German Wholesale Markets:
A huge boost to effective marketing for the community

Greater degree of public relations work, new concept for the fair stand, panel discussion on the topic of “Price Dumping”, entering into fresh marketing partnerships. Members have initiated numerous new marketing measures.

Innovation at Hamburg Wholesale Market
Opening of the HQL logistics centre
One of Europe’s most modern logistics centres for temperature controlled food handling was officially opened by the economics senator Gunnar Uldall – HQL is shaping the future of food safety and consumer protection.

GFI and Zespri
Marketing partnership working well
Zespri, supplier of top quality New Zealand kiwis, has used this marketing platform for 4 years to provide customers in greengrocer’s shops and at street markets with all the professional service and advice they require. Once again, this year saw a further increase in promotions and sponsoring specials.

GFI now represents 18 fresh produce centres
5 more German wholesale markets join
GFI German Wholesale Markets is delighted to welcome five new members this year. The wholesale markets in Gelsenkirchen, Saarbrücken, Cologne, Rostock and Leipzig have joined the development society. GFI now represents Germany’s 18 major fresh produce centres. We feel very proud that the organization now includes such a high number of markets.

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