Hubs for fresh produce

When most people are still asleep in the cities, the wholesale markets are busy turning night into day. The markets are a hive of activity. Vast amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables from national growers, especially those near the market, and from all over the world are shipped to and from the markets. Whatever the season, there is no shortage here and everything is of top quality.

Other types of food are on offer besides fruit and vegetables, so that retailers can obtain a large part of their range of fresh produce from the market.

Wholesale markets are centres for trade, services and commerce displaying all the many aspects of a modern, international fresh produce centre .

What wholesale markets achieve

When it comes to fresh produce especially fruit and vegetables Germany 's wholesale markets are the best guarantors of freshness, variety and quality.

Comprising some 2,600 wholesale companies, importers and growers, Germany 's wholesale markets serve over 50,000 independent shops, street market traders, hotels and restaurants, chain stores and large caterers such as hospitals and social centres, snack bars and canteens.

Covering a total floor space of 2,700,000 m² the markets offer a good supply of everything the consumer could wish for in terms of top-quality regional and international produce, whatever the season.

Sales total around 8 billion euros. The total weight of all goods sold is some 7.4 million tonnes.

20,000 employees make sure that the markets work smoothly.

Germany 's wholesale markets sell inside and outside the national borders; altogether some 105 million consumers in Germany and neighbouring European countries can be supplied with fresh food.



Facts & Figures